cfma logoDe Fa Tras Chapter of the
Cajun French Music Association

P. O. Box
461423 San Antonio, Texas 78246

Regular Monthly Dance
8 PM till 11 PM
August 8th, 2015
Dances are open to the public - admission $8.00

Dances are held at Hermann Sons Hall located at 525 S. St. Mary's Street, San Antonio, Texas



There is convenient parking for approximately 80 vehicles in the lots located behind and beneath the Hermann Sons Hall and the Grand Lodge. You access these lots via the driveway between the two buildings.   There are an additional 25 parking spaces in the small lot on the left side (South) of the Hall, facing S. Saint Marys Street .
There is also additional parking for another 80 vehicles in the Hermann Sons lot immediately to the North ( Right Side) of the Grand Lodge. This is not a part of the commercial lot adjacent to Nueva Street. If there are parking attendants on duty, just tell them that you are attending the Cajun Dance and you will  not be charged. 
Please do not park in the hotel lots to the South of the Hall or across S. Saint Marys Street from the Grand Lodge. You car could be towed. 



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